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Which windshield replacement options should we go with to replace the one on a 22' Calligraphy? Please advise

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Dear Palisader,

On our road trip back home, our windshield was hit by a little rock leading to a star-shaped crack, and recently we found that two hairline stress cracks started to appear (see pic below for details, we put a blue tape there to identify if there is any further crack). We'd like to get your feedback since this is the first time we ran into an issue like this.

1) Is it safe to keep driving as is and then replace the windshield in 2 months? Or, should we replace it ASAP? We'll be using the car for another month (adding about 1000-1500 miles) and then it'll be parked in the garage until late July.

2) We got a few quotes from local dealers and body shops.
  • Option A: Our Hyundai dealer gave us an estimate of $1995 for OEM glass and $400 for labor, i.e., a total of $2395.
  • Option B: Safelite gave us an estimate of $990 including calibration. We assume this will be an aftermarket product and based on previous posts, it seems that we should ask for polarized glass since we have HUD and other sensors.
  • Option C: A local auto glass shop gave us an estimate of $800 including calibration. We suppose if we were to go with aftermarket glass, then Safelite would be a better option, right?
Please advise. Thanks so much.

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