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2020 AWD Palisade SEL (Lagoon Silver/BlackBlack) with Conv
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Based on what I've been able to glean from reading (but not seeing any in person)

The weather-tech are the most molded/plasticy?
The Smartliners are maybe half-and-half?
The OEMs are decribed as a "rubber material" (but I haven't seen a good description) and it doesn't appear to include mats for the 3rd row?

are there any simple rubber mats (with 3rd row)?

I'm not knocking any of the mats (plenty of folks seem to love them). I'm simply staying in my comfort zone for the types of mats I've had recently and am perfectly happy with. Looking for similar for the Pali.


EDIT: Toughpro mats are very flexible/rubber.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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