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What does AON stand for?

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Assigned order Number????
[email protected]??
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Assigned order Number????
[email protected]??
Take your pick:
AONApplication-Oriented Networking (Microsoft - Longhorn)
AONAll or None
AONAlways On
AONActivity on Node
AONActive Optical Network
AONApplication Oriented Networking
AONAttribute Overlay Network
AONAll Optical Network
AONAll or Nothing
AONArt of Noise (band)
AONActivity on Node (networking)
AONAs of Now
AONAll Optical Network(ing)
AONActive Optical Network (Marconi)
AONAnterior Olfactory Nucleus
AONApropos of Nothing
AONAirline Operators Association of Nigeria
AONAverage Octane Number
AONAll or Nothing Hosting (webhosting company)
AONAmulet of Necropotence (gaming, Everquest)
AONAngle Off Nose
AONAcademy of Networking (Moscow, Russia)
AONAllstars of Nation (gaming clan)
AONAir Operations Net
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I’ll take “Anterior Olfactory Nucleus” for $300 Alex.
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