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So I traded in my '21 Calligraphy to '23 Calligraphy last night. This is in Canada, but even with Hyundai playing feature-musical-chairs, the below should apply to all. Here are some changes made that are not easily documented, but are worth mentioning:

  • The car is significantly quieter. I'm sure it's a combination of the added NVH padding, along with the fact the car had 9km when I took delivery so everything is as tight as it gets. But the engine is inaudible <3k RPM, and road noise is much better. Supposedly they added more padding to the wheel wells, as well as re-design window gaskets, etc.
  • This was widely talked in Korea, but the shocks are new parts, and supposedly have better rebound control to make for a smoother ride. Might be placebo, but my wife said it feels better in the back seat.
  • The top switches for sunroof/ interior lights, are finally lit.
  • All 4 windows are auto up/down, instead of just the front.
  • Extra speakers for 3rd row (I think), but as others have mentioned, the 'scale' is weirdly adjusted, 60 is the new 20 as far as volume goes.
  • Front gauges and menus are all rearranged/redesigned.
  • The parking brake now automatically disengages as soon as you put the car into gear. With the '21, it would stay on until you press the gas pedal regardless of PRND.
  • 'Easy exit' is now tied to the door opening/closing, and not the ignition. With the '21, the seat would slide back when you turned the car off, and back into preset when you turn the car on. With the '23, the seat slides to preset when you get in and close the door, and will not slide back until you open the door to get out.
  • Rear windows are also double-laminated now, but some people have mentioned they get foggy. Haven't seen it on mine yet.
  • Middle row captain's chairs armrests now ratchet to whatever angle you want.
  • HUD now shows changes to media properly. the '21 would only show the 'source' when you switch sources. The '23 now shows stations, MP3 songs, etc. Weirdly though it doesn't show album art, but instead shows a standard image for every MP3, even if the infotainment shows album art.
  • HUD shows far more information than before.
  • Rear-view camera angle is MUCH wider. It's almost a 180 degree FOV now. Added with the bigger screen, it's tremendous.
  • Blind spot monitoring lights on the mirrors are now red exclamation marks. This makes them easier to see in sun, etc.
  • They added ambient lighting to the front where the vents are, but removed the ones that were on the side of the middle console. They are also a bit brighter than before when you drive around.
  • Turn signal/wiper stalk are redesigned, they still feel plasticky but look cooler.
  • You can open/close windows with the remote now. Remote looks better, but is lighter and somehow feels a bit cheaper than before though.

Overall, that's it for now...for me, worthy upgrade along with the new features/looks/wheels. Financial impact was minimal as well as I got top dollar for the '21 and MSRP for the new one.

Installed the Rho V2 plate holder as well, so no holes in bumper!

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A few more things!

  • There are now small lights in both the cup-holder area, as well as the storage area under it. No more fumbling in the dark.
  • The top mount LED brakelight is massive on the calligraphy, it essentially spans the entire length of the 'spoiler'.
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