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2020 AWD Palisade SEL (Lagoon Silver/BlackBlack) with Conv
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Not finding good info online...

The question is related to putting 2 backless boosters in the 3rd row.

I've read that there is only 1 set of LATCH anchors... our boosters have LATCH connections.. they are NOT for safety.. they simply keep the booster from getting out of place (ie. sliding over the top of the buckle).

So on the driver's side, it looks like I could do LATCH.. but it looks like the child would be buckling to the middle buckle if we use LATCH for the seat??? (that strikes me as not good)

and on the passenger side, there would be no way to keep the seat in place, but perhaps the buckling would be more in alignment?

Seem like you are MUCH better off with a full back booster which could be secured in place with the seat belt (and the kids use the belt of the booster seat instead).. alas our kids are really in that middle ground the car designers didn't seem to consider (not just in the Palisade.. most competitors seem to have similar oversights)

thanks for any info!

EDIT: actually as I look at high back boosters, they don't typically seem to come with their own belting, they just redirect the car's belt. So scratch that idea..
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