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Just purchased a new palisade 2 and a half weeks ago. One week in, returned to dealer for roof crossbar install. Seemed to be done without issue. During this visit, dealer also washed the car. A couple of days ago, I noticed a pattern of small light brown spots on portions of the aluminum(?) trim surrounding both the driver’s side widow and rear passenger side window. All other trim of this type around the vehicle is still pristine. The pattern/shape of the spots leads me to believe something was sprayed/splashed on these areas at some point in the recent past. Moderate scrubbing and wiping down the trim with cleaners doesn’t have any effect.
I haven’t applied anything myself to the vehicle or had need to wash the car yet since I purchased it and dealer did so once already. I also don’t think this is result of a passing car spraying/splashing some substance on my car since the marks are in limited areas of the trim on both sides of the vehicle....only near windows.
Took it by the dealer today and they attempted to remove the spots unsuccessfully, then took pictures and were going to consult the rep to gather ideas on cause. The only possibilities I can think of are substance applied during previous dealer visit, or defect from factory that I didn’t notice when accepting the vehicle. Figured I’d see if anyone else has run across this so far.
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