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My son heard a small pop the other day, then the 2nd row stopped sliding. I heard the motors engage and the seat tilted forward but it didn't slide forward. I dug around under the seat and noticed that the motors simply pull a cable to release the catch mechanisms. And the problem was that the cable popped out of the metal clip which meant there was no pulling force to release the catch mechanism. To fix, just snap that part of the cable back into the metal clip and all is good. I will say that there are 3 notches on the cable grommet so i'm not sure which was being used previously, but if the catch mechanism doesn't lift enough, then move it to the next notch thereby increasing the cable pulling distance.

The circle is showing the part that popped out of the clip. If that pops out of the slot, you get zero pulling force from the cable and your seat isn't going anywhere.

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