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Hi All,

Thought I would post this tip as I don't recall seeing it before and did see others have the same problem I had. About an update or two ago SiriusXM recording of stations stopped working. Meaning that stations I was not on that were presets no longer recorded 'in the background'. This was a nice feature since as soon as you switch stations you lose any buffer of songs that were playing. You can essentially go to your favorite presets and go back quite a few songs. Great for roadtrips and it records stations as soon as the car is turned on. Well this stopped working after the update....

Yesterday I was playing with the radio and noticed an area that only is visible in the RADIO area when going into the channel lineup. There is a REC button next to any station you have marked as a preset/fav. They are all off by default and you can have up to 10 selected. I turned them on for 10 and the recording functionality was restored! You'll see the preset marked with a red REC indicator after turning it on. Not sure why they defaulted this to OFF or why it's only visible in the Channel Lineup area when in full screen, but happy I found it. Sharing this info in case it's helpful for other Sirius XM users. Pic of the area with the REC button currently OFF shown below.

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