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Shock Issue

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I have replaced 4 rear shocks in 50,000 km. It’s definitely not because of abusive driving or heavy loads. The dealership tells me I am the only owner experiencing this issue. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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The shock and strut's warranties end at 5 yrs or 50,000 miles in the US. Good on you for the extended warranty.
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The shock and strut's warranties end at 5 yrs or 50,000 miles in the US. Good on you for the extended warranty.
We went in @ 71,000 miles. We had noticed the noise a little while before we took it in. We still haven't done anything about it. Just making due with the rough ride. Can't locate any place other than the dealership to buy them from. The dealership has quoted me $1200.00 per shock. And talking about a shock...we were shocked!
I wanted to say thanks for this info and share my recent experience. Our '21 limited has been flawless over the first 30k miles. On a recent road trip I noticed the car didn't track straight on the highway. I had an alignment done and they noted the right rear shock was leaking. Which made sense because I thought the ride & handling wasn't the same as when we bought it. However, I do not drive it daily so I wasn't positive if it was just in my head. I finally took it into the dealer to have a couple minor recalls performed, my first complimentary maintenance, and the shock inspected under warranty. Within 3 hours they called to say everything was done and they replaced the shock. Amazed they had the parts in-stock and I owe nothing. Great experience overall. Hopefully this is the only time I have to deal with it, but I will keep a closer eye on it. Especially as it gets closer to 50k miles.
Read all the comments about suspension issues/struts etc..I have a 2021 palisade and this will be the SECOND TIME IN SERVICE fixing the issue and my mileage is 38k. They play it off like it's not a problem when it is definitely an issue with these vehicles. They just don't want to pay for it. My first and last Hyundai . It's frustrating! What sold me on buying a Hyundai was the great warranty. I wish they would be honest and up front about these issues but they won't. It's the car business. They should do a recall!
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