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Just bought another vehicle. 2010 Ford F-150 crew cab 4x4. 4.6L with a ton of miles but in really good shape. Best $14,250 purchase ever!

Here’s how it looks today.......

And here’s where it’s going with mods.


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The LSU truck is where it’s going from a looks perspective. Here’s where it is now awaiting the tire shop to mount my 33’s.


1) Raptor grill (off course, cuz I’m that guy) / flat blacked the hood latch and A/C lines so no show through
2) 2” level
3) Bedliner’d the side steps
4) 22” NiLight LED light bar with dash switch
5) New LED raptor-style headlights (cuz I’m still that guy)
6) LED fog lights
7) Black door handles/covers
8) Tailgate shock
9) Ford valve stem covers
10) New FX4 carbon fiber decals
11) LED sequential mirror blinkers front/rear
12) New black tail lights
13) NiLight recessed bumper reverse lights
14) Door will grip stickers
15) Carbon fiber vents
16) OEM takeoff FX4 floor mats
17) New double platinum spark plugs
18) Transmission fluid / filter flush (thankfully the rear diff was just done)
19) New jack kit (mine was missing)
20) Painted the chrome exhaust tip flat back as well as the visible exhaust
21) New air filter
22) Repaired to rips in the driver’s seat / needle + thread
23) New Bedliner installed
24) New flat black F-150 emblems (3)
25) Installed new drivers door weather stripping
26) Installed door panel carbon fiber kit
27) Pulled door panels and installed new kicker speakers (4)
28) Painted rusty speaker grilles
29) PlastiDip bumpers (last of the chrome to remove)
30) Restitched leather steering wheel
31) Wrapped B pillars with 3D Carbon Vinyl
32) Wrapped passenger side air bag panel with 3D Carbon Vinyl

1) Install hood lights
2) Mount 20x10 Vision Spyders with Venom XT 33/12.5r20’s
3) Replace sunvisor retaining clips
4) Install remaining carbon fiber dash pieces
5) Install new padded center console door
6) Install in-channel vent shades
7) Carbon fiber tailgate Ford emblem overlay
8) Powder coat tow hooks (PlastiDip’d for now)

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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