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where did you get the latte emblems at the front and back? Also how difficult was it to get the stock emblems off?Thanks
** Below are screen shots of where I purchased my emblems and the prices I paid.
** I Added my Steering Wheel emblem and my Wheel Emblems I put on.
** I cleaned all areas where the emblems would go with isopropyl alcohol.
** I the applied 3M liquid Adhesive Tape Adhesive Promoter on just the areas which would be in contact with the Emblem Adhesive Tape, ( Be careful not to put the adhesive promoter on areas not going to have a emblem
over it.
** NOTE: Make sure you know which ends you want to face up or down for the Front, Rear and Steering wheel
emblems. They are different on both ends.
1: The front Hyundai Emblem pops right out using a good Panel removal took (Non Metal).
a: I Carefully held the emblem over the front bumper emblem mount until I seen it was centered, I then
move it forward until it contacted the Emblem mount. I then Press Firmly on all areas of the new emblem
for 30 seconds at a time.
2: For the rear emblem:
** NOTE: You have to be careful with a heat gun. I heard a hair dryer can also work it just might take
more time until the adhesive tape heats up enough to starts to separate.
a: I first put painters’ tape around the OEM emblem, I then used a magic marker to mark the
OEM emblem centers, top center, bottom center, Left and right centers.
b: I then removed the Rear Hyundai Emblem, took about 5 minutes using a Heat gun on the Low setting
waving it back and forth until I could put a Panel removal tool underneath and I just pushed the tool (Do
Not twist tool it could deform panel) under the emblem as I carefully waved the heat gun air over the areas
I was pulling up until the emblem was removed.
c: I then cleaned the area which will be covered by the new emblem with mineral spirits until all adhesive
was removed. I then cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol.
d: I carefully held the new emblem moving it forward to the surface of the care between the tapes ensuring
the centers are correct. I placed the emblem on the surface and pressed firmly all areas for 30 seconds.
3: The Steering wheel emblem you do not remove. The new Emblem goes over the OEM emblem.
a: I prepped the OEM emblem surface using Isopropyl Alcohol. I then applied a small amount of 3M
adhesive promoter “ONLY” to the OEM emblem surface area. Not to get on the steering wheel cap
b: I slowly move the new emblem over the OEM steering emblem until it was centered, I then pressure it
forward until it was placed firmly over the OEM emblem pressing for 30 seconds on all areas of the new
4: The Wheel emblems, Prep and install just like the new steering wheel emblem was installed, it goes over the
wheel center caps. I did not remove the center caps from the wheels. I held the new emblem over the
center of the wheel OEM center emblem and pressed on pressuring firmly for 30 seconds.
*** Videos might help out some
Hyundai Palisade:
KIA Telluride:
Alternative to using a heat gun:

Where I purchased my emblems
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These are even tackier than the KIA "Klexus" emblems (news flash: everybody who matters knows it's not a Lexus).
I'm not sure what these Hyundai replacement emblems are supposed to represent, but they're not going near my Hyundai Palisade! The fender Calligraphy emblems aren't bad, but I like my Calligraphy the way it is... just my opinion.
Who said anything about embarrassed, I said tacky, People change out wheels because they don't like them so what's the difference. There is always someone trying to make something out of nothing, let it go.
Some people just like to create an argument at every opportunity. I ALWAYS mod every car I get to give them a little more accent, detail and to separate them from the standard OEM cookie cutter look. But: That's me.
I agree with you on the diminished trade-in value unless, of course, you're trading it for a Caliburn.
And, let's hope that the steering wheel airbag never goes off. He'll have a "Brenthon" grill for a forehead.
Thats not how an airbag works. The airbag cover (Hyundai Palisade) is split usually from just under the airbag cover emblem. When the Hyundai airbag deploys, the cover splits just under the emblem pushing it upward and the lower half of the cover downward. The emblem is never affected. The aftermarket Emblem which attaches to the OEM Emblem would move upward just like the OEM emblem it covers. The driver would not be affected any differently then without the aftermarket Emblem cover.
Now: you would have a good argument for those who put an aftermarket Carbon Fiber or like airbag Cover on. Since the aftermarket was never engineered by the factory meeting DOT regulations for the airbag cover deployment, the driver could easily end up with a chattered face.
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Wow... the airbag thing was 100% meant as a joke! Take a few deep breaths and repeat after me: Goosfrabba... Goosfrabba... Goosfrabba...
I guess I touched a raw nerve, or is it that some people can't take a joke?
I was just poking the Bear Back. I didn't take it personal, heck I actually had an airbag smack me in the face as nd it hurts. Lol

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I Agree. When a OP request members Opinions on something, than that's when members need to give their opinions back to the OP. But, when a OP creates a Post for FYI, they are not asking for peoples opinions as to why or why not they should have done something. They are just passing on information's to hopefully help others out who might be wanting to do the same thing. Everyone does what they want to do and thats what is great about forums such as ours.
Have a Good Day!!
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