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I had a strange experience last night I thought I'd share... I left work, pulled out of the parking garage, and suddenly realized that the Nav/Entertainment screen was not on. Nothing. Zip, zilch, nadda. Completely blank.

I pressed all the buttons. No radio, no Nav, nothing. FWIW, The instrument cluster panel was fine, operating normally.

At the next red light, I turned the car off and on again (hey, I work in IT :) ), but that made no difference. I was mentally starting to plan a trip to the dealer when I remembered the little reset button located to the right of the tuning knob.

At the next red light I got out a pen and gently poked the tip into the reset button hole, and viola! The system displayed the boot logo, sat on the confirmation screen for a few seconds, and then came to life. All settings appear to have survived. I have no idea what happened, and this morning everything operated normally.
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