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Really Weird Smell !!! Seats ??

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So I don't drive my car a ton right now since we are at home so much. A few weeks ago, I went to get gas for my mower and got a tiny bit on my WeatherTec floor mat (I wiped it up.) I don't know if it reacted with the floor mat or what, but my interior smells really bad now. It doesn't smell like gas either. It smells a little like the leather seats, but only way worse. It's so hard to describe! Anyone else's interior gone from that "new car smell" to something way worse????? I don't know what to do to get rid of it either.
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This is crazy. I just got into my car this morning and wondered why it smelled like garlic breath. I blamed it on some Parmesan wings I brought home from a restaurant the other day, but now I’m wondering. This is the first warm stretch that Minnesota has had this year- near 90 degrees in the Twin Cities, and now I’m wondering if the phenomenon you all are talking about is what’s happening in my car.
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