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Really Weird Smell !!! Seats ??

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So I don't drive my car a ton right now since we are at home so much. A few weeks ago, I went to get gas for my mower and got a tiny bit on my WeatherTec floor mat (I wiped it up.) I don't know if it reacted with the floor mat or what, but my interior smells really bad now. It doesn't smell like gas either. It smells a little like the leather seats, but only way worse. It's so hard to describe! Anyone else's interior gone from that "new car smell" to something way worse????? I don't know what to do to get rid of it either.
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I spent a year in Korea (Osan Air Base) while in the military. In my civilian life I made several business trips to Korea and have had many Korean meals and enjoyed them all, kimchi and all. The Koreans are wonderful and very hospitable people. They also have a sense of humor and would laugh at your joke about leaving some part of a lunch in my car. I sometimes make and eat kimchi so maybe it was my own breath blowing back in my face.

What's this got to do with anything? Just trying to add a little jocularity to these trying times we're living through. Stay healthy and happy.
I also spent time in Osan in the early 60's. Don't think the smells were that bad. At that time very poor country but also friendly
Put a couple of activated charcoal bags in the car, under seats work. cup holder in third row
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