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Really Weird Smell !!! Seats ??

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So I don't drive my car a ton right now since we are at home so much. A few weeks ago, I went to get gas for my mower and got a tiny bit on my WeatherTec floor mat (I wiped it up.) I don't know if it reacted with the floor mat or what, but my interior smells really bad now. It doesn't smell like gas either. It smells a little like the leather seats, but only way worse. It's so hard to describe! Anyone else's interior gone from that "new car smell" to something way worse????? I don't know what to do to get rid of it either.
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I have noticed a smell also. Bought the Limited in Feb. Not super hot where I am in Ohio, always parked in our garage and we aren’t driving much. But it went from new car smell to a sort of musty/moldy. Not outright awful, but the odor just isn’t quite right. What could do that?
I posted on the smell 2 months ago. We have a white Limited with beige interior which we drove off the lot March 2020. 2 weeks ago we took it to a full service wash which included cleaning the rubber Weathertech mats. This was the first wash of the mats, in which they actually remove the mats and run then through a cleaner. The smell is gone. My wife specifically commented today that the smell is gone and the kids agree. Seems like it was the mats. Maybe had some factory residue or something on them that the kids dragged in or spilled. Hopefully that takes care of it for good. Otherwise we love this vehicle and have had no other issues!
I posted here on the smell about 3 mos ago in my limited with beige napa leather purchased Feb 2020. Later I posted that it was gone after cleaning the mats. But it’s back. Strong musty garlic smell that comes and goes. I can put up with it, but this ain’t right. The kids complain. I asked my local Hyundai dealer about it a few weeks ago (during the free maintenance) and was told some shit about new cars taking time to burn off some of the factory chemicals. Now we have the Palisade CSI- Car Smell Investigation from today! Here’s the link
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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