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First time car buyer in 12 years (just left NYC after living there 8 years), and was looking at the Telluride. Thought I’d love it, but turned out the Palisade (Limited) is what hooked me. Anyway, first time dealing with dealers (my last car was in High School and bought privately).

Anyway, I had NO idea what I was in for given the local dealers. They were awful in MA. Would essentially bait and switch and were so aggressive. Our parents all told us this was par for the course and wife and I felt uncomfortable. Also dealers around here put their decal on our car, and frankly you should pay me money if I’m going to advertise your car company on my car. Why is this legal?

I digress.

I called Costco and turns out there were two dealers that were in the program within 100 miles. Brandfon Hyundai in New Haven (CT) had the best price and moved forward with them. Problem was they were 100 miles away, but I spoke with Alexandra and she was great. Honest, no pressure, and worked hard to get us everything we needed. One worry I had was that they would give us one price, then increase it upon arrival. They did not do that (one dealer did this to us prior, so we were cautious). Either way, everybody there was so nice, no pressure (not even on extended warranty), and it honestly felt like the team there was family.

I wanted wheel locks, Alexandra got us a discount, and then her colleague, who was not our salesperson, told us they’d install it for free; and then her colleague took our car and had the service dept install it in 15 minutes. Who does that?!?!

The whole dealership was a 180 from what we dealt with and I just brought my in laws to them.

I hope this helps anyone in New England. They gave us the best price and were the nicest. We bought the car off the truck and they seem to have a few more on their website. A big dealership so they should have good inventory. Also they only put a license plate holder you can take off, so no decal (as it should be!)

Hope this helps and happy hunting! We worked with Alexandra, and recommend her
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