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Steel Grey with Beige Interior FWD
Build Date: JUN/20/19
Took Home on August 3, 2019
500 miles so far.

Interior: Fit and finish and seat comfort is very good. A/C works really well, cooled seats are the best I've experienced (compared to Lexus and Toyota vehicles).
Sound system is clear with some good options. The electronic safety support systems seem to work well, I keep the lane assist turned off. The ride is smooth and very quiet, no wind noise and a little tire noise around 50 mph (Bridgestone). Third row has a lot of room and I really like the power adjustable seat backs. The storage bin under the cover in the back holds the groceries well, after removing the privacy cover thing.

Interior wants/dislikes: A thicker steering wheel would be nice. The silver dash buttons do show finger prints, maybe a matte finish or some texture. Saving the seat climate control and the rear seat settings should be something Hyundai makes available via the settings.

Exterior: Fit and finish is good, paint looks good and polishes up nicely. I like the rims, they are easy to clean. The all around view is good, the different camera views help out.

Exterior wants/dislikes: Power folding mirrors, washing and drying the front grill is a pain - too many angles and edges.

Power train: Engine is quiet and has enough power for my needs. The transmission sometimes seems a little rough working your way up to 30 mph. Maybe I just need to get used to it, I spent the last 6 years driving an Avalon Hybrid.

So far we really like this vehicle and I would recommend it.
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