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I always waxed my vehicles multiple times per year with a high-quality conventional carnauba wax. But then I stumbled on this YouTube video by the Project Farm guy:

Hybrid Solutions by Turtle Wax blew the others out of the water and it was one of the lowest-cost ceramic products. Pretty impressive results in the video.
Well, my vehicles were due for a waxing so for $13 I figured what the heck; I'll give the Hybrid Solutions a try.
I was very impressed... It took me a little over an hour to painlessly do 2 SUVs and there were no more white marks left on the trim or wax residue on the vehicle that I had missed. Now... just how long would it hold up? I applied in the fall and it was still there in the spring after going through a tough winter.
Granted, it is not going to be as good as a professional ceramic job, but for the price and the ease of application, I figure I can do it every couple of months and keep a coat of protection on the vehicle with minimal effort and cost.
As for the multi-year professional ceramic coating hype, I personally just don't buy that marketing crap. Wax or ceramic are both extremely thin layers that are destined to wear away from weather exposure and washing.
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