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2022 Palisade Calligraphy
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I have a 2021 Pali Limited and have lost my date/time on the screen. I took this picture because it shows that the Date/Time is greyed out. I do believe when we went to DST in March, I was able to access it and change it. But now, I do not see Date/Time, just the weird dashes you see where date/time would be.

Also the right panel has an "I" for information notice that looks like it is on top of an electronic semiconductor. I cannot find what this info/error icon is for.

I also lost the speed limit MPH icon in the heads up unit. Not sure if they are related. We have some good sleuths here in the Forum, any of this rings bells?

I did check the GPS and it does not seem to have any signal. I think in the past I would see signal levels or GPS coordinates. I don't see how to reset the GPS if this is the root of my issue. Luckily, on Monday, i have a dealer appt for oil change/complimentary maintainance and can show them if I can't work it out before then.
I still have Date and Time, and I still have most GPS functions, but recently I've noticed mine is losing accuracy to the tune of anywhere from 100-500 ft offset from my actual location. Pretty frustrating when it gives you the speed limit for the road a block over from the one you're actually driving on. I'd be interested to hear what the dealership has to say if they have a resolution.
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