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Well that's a different look.

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Just a tick over $1k for a set. It certainly pained me to see the tire guys rolling all that unused tread out of the garage - there was 6-7/32nds left. I'm still not sure if I shouldn't have just gotten another Bridgestone and just took my chances with the new tire being close enough in circumference. My calculations showed about a 1" difference. I only drove about 7 miles home in busy traffic on the pock-marked streets of far south Indy, so I can't say anything about how they performed. It seemed like I heard some growling coming from the tires that was unfamiliar, but ¯\( ツ)/¯ . The reviews have pretty much been stellar for this model, so I'm assuming I'll be happy with them. As I've mentioned, the stockers were great in the winter for us - even in the one bad blizzard we had, with unplowed streets for a few days. We have been piling the miles on to the Pali (36k in 2 years) so I imagine I'll have an opinion soon enough.

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They remind me of Goodyear Aquatread from the 1980s. These are a great year round tires for snow areas with some extra noise. In the south Michelin Defenders would be a better choice.
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