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Our '21 Limited is about to hit 36k miles. I've heard lots of complaints here about OEM tires, but I've said repeatedly that I've been happy with the Bridgestone Dueler Sport AS set that came stock, even in winter. This has been the first vehicle in almost 20 years for which I did not get a set of winter wheels/tires.

So today I decided to check the wear on the tires, and noticed the fronts seem to have more wear on the outside lugs than the rears - which is odd considering that we rotate them on every oil change. The wear should be even front and back. But that wasn't my biggest concern. This was:

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I've fixed a LOT of nail punctures in my day, but this is a first. I'm guessing I picked it up on a gravel road to a pole barn workshop where I do some work (also explains the sidewall "scuffs.") Obviously, I can't fix this one, and no tire shop will fix it either. While the wear on the outer shoulders would seem to indicate a front end alignment is in order, it's not too bad actually, and I've still got a good 6 to 7/32nds of tread left. I would otherwise not be looking for new tires until at least next year I guess.

But I did the calculations and the difference in overall circumference due to wear comes out to almost an inch, and a difference of about 10 revolutions per mile difference, i.e., a new tire would rotate about 10 fewer times driving one mile than one of the worn stock tires would. I would not have considered that a problem on a 2wd especially with an open differential, but a newer AWD and all its associated gadgetry is a different story. I would need to swap out two tires, if not all four. 😩

Assuming I do a full swap, I'm looking right now at the Michelin CrossClimate2 which seem to be pretty well regarded with the suburban SUV set. Best price I've found is at Sam's Club for $1018 with lifetime repair/replacement.
I have CC2s and they have ”stunning“ winter traction. Last winter I drove through an unplowed lot with 20+ inches of power snow with no drama. $1K is a lot but it’s 101% worth the price and cheaper than buying dedicated winter tires AND summer tires for April - November.
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