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My thoughts from my Limited...

1. Don't EVER hurt your pocketbook for technology. If you have the money to spend freely and it improves your enjoyment go for it, but nothing in the Limited changes the ultimate usability of the vehicle.
2. The Dual Sunroof helps brighten my dark interior.
3. The Napa Leather in the Limited is very, very nice for this price and the cross hatch stitching is the classiest look in any non-luxury brand vehicle I've ever seen. Much nicer than the look of the best leather in the Telluride to me.
4. The sound system was a big surprise. It sounds great but when you turn on the "QuantumLogic Surround" its unbelievable. For once a premium speaker system actually seems premium.
5. The 12.3 Digital Display and HUD are wow features that make me feel like I own a 2020 vehicle.
6. The surround view monitor makes parking and adjusting a fairly large vehicle a trivial exercise.
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