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Just ordered - 2023 Calligraphy - Intro/questions

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Hello, everyone. I just placed an order for a 2023 Calligraphy for my wife and am excited to join the forum to learn all the ins and outs. I have found it better to go straight to owners/enthusiasts for answers to questions and enjoy participating in my car forums. I am probably a couple months out (or more...) from receiving our ride, but wanted to introduce myself and throw a couple of questions to the group so I am ready when it gets here!

1. What do you all recommend for all-weather mats - and is there an option with a cargo mat that attaches to the backs of the 3rd row? We are coming from a Pilot, and that had a folding option that was kind of a pain when the 3rd row was up. Hoping there may be a different option here....

2. Is there a way to toggle between the adaptive cruise and straight up, old school speed-based cruise? I know, weird question, but my wife hasn't fully got on board with ACC as she sometimes will cruise along behind someone on the highway going "too slow" before she realizes she should have gone around them 5 miles ago....

3. Not super crazy about the Calligraphy wheels. Anyone with a limited interested in trading wheels? I guess I should mention I am in Virginia

Thanks! Looking forward to participating around here.
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Welcome to the forum
#2 yes hold down on the button that controls distance to car in front takes a few seconds but switches back to old type cruise control
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