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Hello. Putting the visual changes to the UI (which are terrible) aside, the whole system seems to be so much slower than the original UI, which was not that fast to begin with. Establishing the bluetooth connection to my phone when I start the car is extremely hit or miss speed-wise...mostly miss. I can be playing music on my iPhone as I start the car, the music will stop, the main UI screen will stay on Radio Off for sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 3 seconds, a connection will be established, and it's a crap shoot whether the music will start playing on the car. Sometimes the music or podcast app on the phone will show the pause button meaning it's started playing again, but the car still shows Radio Off and it's not playing. Carplay is generally better and faster, but sometimes I just want to use bluetooth. Any way to speed it up and make it more consistent with bluetooth?

Tapping around the UI is super slow to load screens. Side question...When carplay is connected (wired), I can't find a way to switch to bluetooth (to listen to music or do a phone call on the passenger's phone but keep the maps on my phone's carplay). The Bluetooth button is not shown on the Media screen when Carplay is connected. Is this possible? Thanks!
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