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Infotainment (not navigation) Manual

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  1. Here’s a link I found to the 140-page US “Infotainment Manual” that should answer some questions.

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Can you be more specific?
Can you be more specific?
not able to arrange the home screen
Not able to add apps
I’m out of town and away from a screen to experiment.
Search for the “AVN-5 Quick Reference Guide” on this forum and refer to pages beginning at 1-10, “Using the Home Screen”, to see if it’s discussion and links help you resolve your inability to set up the Home Screen to your liking.
my buttons do not match attached is a screen print from the manual and my buttons and the software version...


Thanks for the video @BVoltz. You have the 10.25' Navigation system. The manual above is for the 8" non-Navigation system. Different animal. @Fritz was right, search for "AVN-5 Quick Reference Guide" to get the .pdf for your system.
When I search for AVN-5 the only post that comes up is this one...
Use a search engine for the whole internet. The manual is on one of the Hyundai sites.
Oh boy... the infocrap system in the limited is very limited compared to the 8" screen... Not a happy customer.
You might try this link on the “” website (may require member name and p/w) to get to the manual pages I suggested quicker.

I’d suggest you go back to your dealer, or a dealer, and ask for assistance from someone willing to help. None of us on this forum are likely to be able to help to your satisfaction from a distance. You are the first person I’ve heard be this dissatisfied. There is probably a fix.
I found this and started reading then started crying over the lack of features with the 10"... it is enough for me to want to return it.
How do you fix what it can not do? unlike the 8"... add apps, change the home screen and number of widgets displayed... etc.. Sync was 1,000 times better and it was poor....
Hopefully someone on here can help. It’s a mighty nice vehicle in so many respects, but the multimedia aspects play a large part in its desirability and their utility and function are paramount in achieving that desirability for you. I’m not familiar with the Hyundai 8” system, but I do know that differences between nav/media controls in my opinion, though advancing in model years, have not always advanced in capabilities even after gaining intimate familiarity with the new system. Sorry you are dealing with this.
So what I was missing, you have to use a USB cable to connect to the system to get apps on the system...
What apps are you adding? Where do you get apps from?
What apps are you adding? Where do you get apps from?
Waze / Amazon music etc... what is on my phone...
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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