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I have the exact opposite problem. I bought a 2021 Calligraphy and it does NOT have wireless android auto. It has a USB port up front near the cupholders that connects to Android Auto.

I bought these a 3 pack of this beautiful short cable:

It is about 8 inches long and fits perfectly from my Google Pixel XL phone to the USB port with no other mess of cables hanging around.
The connection is flawless and hooks up by itself as soon as I plug in the phone.
It will show the native screen from Hyundai until I say Hey Google and then it clicks on.

I have been trying to get wireless Android Auto and I have the wireless charging but so far I cannot get the wireless on the larger head unit.
The Calligraphy does not have that but quite honestly I just plunk the phone on the wireless charging pad and the bluetooth takes all calls anyways.

The only time I connect Android Auto is if I go on a long trip and I want google maps or youtube music.

I find the native navigation and the bluetooth connection to my phone work pretty awesome.

Reading about all the wireless android auto issues I am no longer feeling I need to have this.

My USB port hooks into the screen and I cannot see the lower models not having that feature, it has to be a setting within the phone or head unit to tell it to connect.
I have had shit boxes and they all had a USB port hooking into the head unit.
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