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Hi all - I'm new here.

I'm posting because I've found that the Hyundai worldwide website has more info on the Palisade than the US website.

One thing I hadn't seen anywhere else was the different interior colors. They show them on that site. They even have a 360 view of the interior and you can pick the color you want to see. I like the Sierra Burgundy exterior with the Burgundy interior!

But beware: there's no indication that anything on that page will make it to the US. So take it with a grain of salt. For example, they show a 3.5L engine, which I hadn't heard of before on the Palisade. I know about the 3.8 coming to the US and 2.2 diesel in Korea, but that one was new to me. Don't know which country this is for.

Enjoy. The URL is:
The 360 views are on the design page.
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