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It looks like the Palisade is going to get a new standard safety feature starting in 2022. Hyundai USA will make rear-occupant alerts standard for the Palisade and the rest of its North American lineup.

The announcement was made on National Heatstroke Awareness Day in the United States.

Debuted in the Santa Fe, the rear-seat reminder system knows whether the back doors were opened before the car was started, and reminds the driver to check the rear seats when the car is turned off again.

A more sophisticated system is currently optional in the USA, too. An ultrasonic sensor in the rear of the car is able to detect movement in the back seats after the driver has left the car, and honks the horn to warn the driver there's some precious cargo still on board.

The system will also be able to send a message to the driver's phone using the Blue Link app.
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