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If your Palisade headlights suck, please post a picture (better than these, I bet you can't).

Clearly I don't understand the people that complain about the "V" dip in the Palisade lights. But I would love to try and understand where you are coming from.

These pictures were taken at 35.33324115222077, -97.58294387978803 looking south, just as the road transitions from asphalt to dirt. I feel confidant in saying that I see five (maybe six) utility poles on the left hand side of the low beam picture (seven on the high beam).

Maybe I'm wrong, but (these specific) five light poles have a distance between them of just around 800 ft. Not to shabby for low beams with a "V" dip that completely obstructs ones view of the road (according to some people).

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