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This is my first Hyundai and I am a little shocked at how delicate the paint and frame are compared to my 10-year-old Honda minivan that I just traded in with 130K miles. I already have some paint chipping on my rear gate sill. I do put a plastic cooler in my trunk every week for football and I am sure I must have bumped it, but I am surprised at how easily this scratched. I just discovered a dent on the side of my car and I think it must be from something that fell from a tree while driving as my car is garage kept and I work from home. It has no scratch or paint transfer and I don't think it could be from another car's door. I usually park away from other cards. It looks like a ball hit it but I haven't been anywhere where this could have happened. I am assuming some kind of nut from a tree must have done it while I was driving. I was so rough on my Honda with young kids, dogs, travel, moving kids into college, etc and while it did have some scratches on it, the paint job still looked great when I turned it in after 10 years. This car has so few miles
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and still has dents and paint scratches in the first 3 months. I am really shocked at the difference in paint and frame quality between the two.:cry: Is anyone else finding that?
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