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The wind noise is negligible for us when listening to music. If the radio is off and we're not talking, you can hear it. It's worse on a windy day. That said, not a deal breaker at all.

The hazy windows are only noticeable to me in the rear passenger windows on a bright day. It reminds me of the Llumar CTX (ceramic) tint I used to have in my 2014 mustang. It doesn't bother me that much but is a little annoying.

As others have said, for the price/value it's hard to beat. Works well for us as a family hauler. If it weren't for this weird time we live in where new cars can actually be cheaper than new, we would've looked for something with a couple years on it and more miles. But when we bought, the 2023 Calligraphy was cheaper than anything else we were interested in when you factored in years/mileage. The 3 years maintenance doesn't cover much, but was an added bonus.
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