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I have a Palisade Limited AWD. This is the first vehicle I have either driven or owned with AWD. Driving into town from my house in the mountains involves some twisty turns. It was during this drive that I had the display on that featured the 4 wheel drive configuration. I noticed that on some more aggressive curves the display would indicate that all four wheels were receiving power. Once the road was again straight the power would only go to the front two wheels. This was interesting. So I started to pay more attention and also noted that on some turns, one or the other wheel in the rear would display more power being applied to it. This is cool, cool, cool. It is one thing to read about this and another to see it happening. It gives me more ammunition to answer the question of why I wanted an AWD vehicle in Alabama where it snows very, very infrequently if at all. However we do tend to get very heavy rain storms and the additional traction will surely come in handy. The system was so smooth I never would have known it was happening if I had not stumbled upon this display.
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