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I recently attended the Phoenix,AZ auto show, my main reason for attending was to compare a number of crossover SUV's.
My first take on the show was, why would anyone wanting an off road SUV be buying a crossover SUV? There are many off road vehicles with 4 wheel drive that will fill that bill.
The next thing that crossed my mind was most of these people I see and talked to were looking for a family hauler with good all weather capability, safety, and the alility to get to a camp site for the long weekend.
The crossover SUV is really a replacement for a mini van( oh the stigma of that ) So why are people wanting there crossover to look super rudged, and think it is super if it is missing key features.
I'm now looking to get a Hyundai Palisade, I preordered and waiting for delivery. Compared a number of crossover suv's and narrowed the field down based on what features I wanted. Then how the vehicle felt setting in it. I had already driven several
ones I took off list started with Subaru accent. No HUD and just didn't feel good setting in it Interior not up to what I was looking for.
BMW SUV may be a drivers suv but feels like you are setting on a rock. Not up to the standards I remember in a BMW and then the price for what you get. Yes the Infotanment system and dash are really great but just not feeling it.
Audi and Mercedes were nice if you are traveling on the Autobon highway, But who can travel at those speeds here, Really nice layout, materials and design and again not worth the price they want
VW Atlas, Like this SUV, But no HUD and the leather interior just isn't up to the old VW standards, Could have used nappa leather for this class.
Mazda while this is one of the best driving crossovers just missing to many features.
One of the best SUV's I looked at was the Lincoln Aviator, best by far. Look at the price Ha might consider a 2 year old one from the price but is new vehicle this year.
Ford Explorer is one of the better SUV's had everything I wanted Tech wise, But price is high end and interior materials are not. Materials are on par with a early 2000 vehicle. Think ford saved all the better materials for the Lincoln
KIA Telluride all the reviewers rate this higher than the Hyundai Palisade. Why because it looks rudged, But it is missing features the palisade has. True the telluride has powerfolding mirrors, and I like the tail lights better than the Palisade. I just don't think it has a higher rating because it looks like an off road rough and tough family hauler.
Oh yes the Palisade, it is missing power folding outside mirrors, a few of the buttons are hard to see because they are not lighted right. The telluride is quieter on the highway, but once the front door gasket trim upgrade is done they are even. Palisade has digital dash while may not be on par with the likes of an Audi or S class. It has good visibility nice blind spot views.More speakers than the Telluride, self leveling rear end on limited, Thats a special add on for telluride. power folding third row seats. reviewers say they like the manual folding third row and give the Telluride high ratings because they work faster than the Palisade rear seats. How many short women or men can reach the straps to pull the seats back up without getting bumper dirt all over their clothes
There are not a lot of difference in these two vehicles and I think they are rated about the same maybe even a point up for the Palisade. Lets face it how does a crossover get better rating because someone likes the looks of the front end on one over the other. Hey guess what the head lights are rated better on the Palisade than on the Telluride.
Both are the #1 rated in the class and the Price may give them both a #1+.
I should mention the Buick was a real contender,because of the build quality, seats feel really solid and real well built, doors close with that nice thump not tinny. Then to it didn't have a HUD and I just didn't like the infotainment system, interior looks a little dated.
I know I didn't say anything on several cross overs but they were just to far down on my list even if they were new and luxury class
Oh yes my favorite SUV at the show was the Bentley OOOOOHHHHH guess that price.
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