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I received the BLO AIR-GT today. It's 91 degrees out. It must be over 100 in my garage; that being said, I could not wait to see how it performed.

i had already washed and clayed my car. The instructions say to ensure that the variable speed control dial is on the lowest setting when turning on and off. I turned it on and was surprised at how quiet it was. it did a great job blowing dust and the dreaded cob webs away. It really did a great blowing debris from the garage floor. The unit does heat air and the hose was quite warm to the touch after awhile. ( it was 90 plus degrees)

I never had the dial above above 3/4 and the power was awesome! I have no doubt it will dry the car in an efficient and timely fashion. I said earlier that I washed the car, but only rinsed it off as I am giving the Hyperdip another 2 weeks to cure before subjecting it to soap. It's probably not needed, but I am doing it per a suggestion I saw online. ( I do try not to believe every thing I read) 馃榾

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I use my EGO leaf blower with 650cfm's- there's a company that makes a short tube for car drying that costs $30 I still have a cordless leaf blower too.
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