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I'm a decent sized guy (5'11, 240 lbs), and I typically drive with my right knee and thigh resting on the inside of the center console. While the Palisade is much than most other vehicles, I've found that it can still become uncomfortable on longer drives.

On a whim, I purchased this adhesive knee cushion from Amazon for $12, and it feels amazing. I didn't realize how much of an impact it could make until installing it, and even for short drives, there's a big difference.

Because the area of the center console where my knee rests is curved, not all of the adhesive backing will stick to the surface, but I've found that enough does. I've had it installed for two weeks now and there's no sign of the pad coming loose.



The adhesive is light enough that I could remove the pad if desired, and a bit of goof off would remove any signs that it was ever there.

The cushion is slightly noticeable, and depending on your height and seating position, it may cover part of the LED lighting strip that is offered on the Limited trims. But, at least for me, the small stripe on the cushion matches very well with the strip, making it blend in even more (it would look even better if I had flipped it before putting it on, but I don't really care enough to change it now).

Shipping took a while (due to COVID), but so far this has been the best upgrade I've made to my Palisade.
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