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Adding speaker to third row of SEL.

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I finally sat in the third row of my SEL and realized I couldn’t hear the music that was playing. After poking around I see there is a cut out where I’m guessing a speaker would go. Has anyone added a speaker to the third row? Is it prewired?
I am pretty annoyed that the third row has no sound.
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Hello CasaRod,

I assume the area your described is where a speaker would go.
As already pointed out that is the subwoofer. The speaker are in the window post rearward facing to the 3rd row occupants. I would check your sound setting to make sure the "fade" (balance) or direction of the music is not skewed, meaning it is not moved away from the back speaker and mainly playing from the front speakers. I would also make sure the feature where music ONLY plays in the front row is not enabled.

(taken from another post thanks to Gene...see below)
On page 2-13 of the navigation manual it says on the all menu screen touch Quiet mode
The audio volume will be muted.
NOW the part that might be causing your problem
" When the volume for the front seats is set to high, the volume decreases automatically."
Don't know if this is it but you can check easy enough.
Don't know why they would do that but it says it .

have no idea that it would be prewired for speaker.
Can't say I am personally annoyed by the lack of speaker there, as I do not sit in the 3rd row. I am the driver and have no need to be there.

I'd say take it to a local reputable stereo shop and have them quote you a speaker install if its that much of an issue for you. Be prepared as adding speakers with likely cause them to tell you you need an additional amp to drive them as OEM stereos have enough power to drive the OEM set up of speakers.
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I believe that's where the factory subwoofer goes.
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Interested in what you find out. I was looking at Crutchfield yesterday because I'm disappointed in the sound.
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The upgraded head unit in the limited , and I think an upgrade on the SEL adds a higher power amp
extra speakers and better sound system. Don't know as the basic system in the SE and SEL would
be able to power extra speakers, like a large bass speaker.
When we purchased our Palisade, first one we checked out was a SEL with no added features.
Had the basic sound system, the second one we checked was a limited (2020) and there was no comparisons'
The basic sucks to us. You may have to go with an after market unit to get a better sound system, BUT
could then loose some of the functions of the Palisade systems in the Palisade.
AN added AMP and speaker might be the best choice.
that is the subwoofer port just change my speakers with JL audio C2- 650 from cruthfield rear and back the SEL sound is poor
that is the subwoofer port just change my speakers with JL audio C2- 650 from cruthfield rear and back the SEL sound is poor
Did you have a SEL? I don’t want to open the little circle and it actually not be something I’m supposed to open- or it not close back up. I want to add something to the third row to allow some sound for my nieces that ride back there
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How to open that cut out? Does anyone did it?
Have you thought about just adding the Hyundai Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in the back?
You can find it in the hyundai store just for Hyundai's
Does anyone have or know the difference between the SEL (no package) and SEL with con/prem package audio specs?
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