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2022 Palisade Calligraphy FWD.

Likes: Just about everything. Had a RR HSE before and while this isn't quite as smooth its still nicer than my 2020 Santa Fe and quieter also.
All the tech and options you get on this model, heated and cooled rear seats, power rear seat fold down and the stupid things like the ambient lighting and a cup holder and plug ins for mobile devices.

Dislikes: Turn signal noise is a bit loud.
Sunroof I wish was full glass or opened further back. I'm a sunroof guy and while its still fine just wish it was larger.
Center console too low for me to rest my arm on but I bought the aftermarket diamond pattern one and with filler its perfect now.

Overall its exactly what I wanted and hoped for. I am actually happy I couldn't get a 2020 limited when I was searching for one as I am more happy with this 2022. While others may complain about the gas mileage I have found when I mix in some highway driving its where I would want it to be but 95% of my driving is stop and go city and while still not bad unless I step on it and then I'm in the low 18's combined. However, if I were buying any vehicle FOR the gas mileage it would be something else.
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