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2023 Palisade - Radio presets keep disappearing

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Hey all!
Just recently purchased a 2023 Pali SEL premium. I just noticed that I keep having my radio presets disappearing. Same happening to my wife's profile. And it seems to be random.

Anyone else facing this issue?
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I have had the same issue. My present is for an HD station. Each time I turn the car on, the preset is gone and HD radio is turned off. It is a bit frustrating. Anyone know how to keep the HD radio enabled?
Same issue with a '21 Calligraphy; presets for both mine and my wife's profiles will randomly disappear. I feel like we started to experience this problem shortly after completing the November update late last year but I can't remember for certain. If that's the case, I'd imagine we're stuck dealing with it until the new April update is released. However, if anyone has found a solution, I'd definitely give it a go and see if it fixes our issue.
I called our dealership and they are asking to have it brought in and possibly replacing the head unit...
I’ve got this happening on a 23 urban. Any news or solutions for anyone?
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