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2020 Palisade Trim Levels

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The Palisade will be offered in 5 different trim levels for launch. We don't yet know the specifics of various options packages and equipment amongst each, but here's how they will be categorized. Tier list will be SEL, SEL Plus, Limited and Ultimate.
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AWD comes optional. Its a disappointing move to me because some rivals make it standard.
That's the best way for them to keep pricing competitive. At least they haven't restricted it to one of the higher trim levels as it can be added to any model.
Does anyone here think we need to see more offered from Hyundai? Hate to make it seem like i'm asking for a lot but the Palisade seems almost unfinished. Apparently Genesis is coming out with an SUV that can fill this demand but one big barrier will be price. Thus we can always have some inbetween like what some other automakers have done historically and still do.
The Palisade is easily one of the most upscale premium models that Hyundai has ever released. So I would also like to know what about it you find to be unfinished?
It just doesn't have enough premiumness going on.
Hyundai did it to a certain extent and then held off for god knows what reason. My guess is to have more to offer in future model years.
It’s a much more premiumness do you want? If it went any more premium it would be more expensive...and who would pay that much for a Hyundai. It’s got a ton of premium features for what seems to be a reasonable price.
I want to see a better take on interior design.
Mazda for example does it well with sportiness that hones some of what we find in BMW's.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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