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This is a comparison that I've been interested in for the past little while. compared the Palisade with the Toyota Highlander and based on their article the Palisade is the winner. There were quite a few ties between the two SUVs but here are the 18 categories they scored them on.
  • Acceleration: Tie
  • Ride quality: Highlander
  • Braking: Tie
  • Noise abatement: Highlander
  • Steering and handling: Tie
  • Interior quality: Palisade
  • Usability of controls: Palisade
  • Media and connectivity: Palisade
  • Front seats: Tie
  • Second-row seats: Palisade
  • Third-row seats: Palisade
  • Visibility: Highlander
  • In-cabin storage: Palisade
  • Cargo space: Palisade
  • Car-seat accommodations: Palisade
  • Safety features: Highlander
  • Driver-assist and autonomy: Tie
  • As-tested value: Palisade
Overall Winner: Hyundai Palisade
Decisive, too, is the Palisade’s category lead in this head-to-head comparison. Hyundai piled up the equivalent of 10 category wins (nine wins plus Value, which counts double) versus just four for Toyota. Five categories resulted in a tie. We can’t speculate exactly where the Highlander might have furnished in the whole class of SUVs had Toyota furnished an example for our December comparison, but this head-to-head comparison proves the 2020 Highlander wouldn’t have threatened the Palisade’s top ranking.

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