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Autoblog tested the Palisade's storage space behind the third row to see how much luggage you can fit. According to the reviewer, the Palisade is second to the VW Atlas in rear storage space.

They add some good photos to show how much luggage they were able to fit inside.

How has the Palisade's storage space been for everyone else here?
OK, now onto the main show. Let's see how many of those suitcases can fit. As it turns out, there's enough room for the two largest roller bags (midsizers, you would need to check these) and two larger carry-on roller bags. That's very impressive. In my testing thus far, only the Volkswagen Atlas has been only the slightest bit better.

Now, to fit the smallest two bags, all I had to do was lower the 40 portion of the split-folding third-row. As such, you'd still have room for five people in this Palisade (squeezing in someone into the middle would be tough) or six people if you had the second-row captain's chairs. And as a refresher, the Palisade has one of the most spacious and comfortable third-row seats in the segment. I'm 6-foot-3 and fit quite comfortably.

One of the big bags and the fancy bags went on the lowered 40 portion.

So there you have it, here's what fits (and doesn't fit) behind the third row of the 2020 Hyundai Palisade.

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