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No sunroof, no navigation. 18 inch alloys. Every other option. One wheel has a light scrape. A few tiny dings here and there, but you have to get right up on it and look from an angle to see them. Driver seat has a small split in the leather on the bottom bolster. Blemish in passenger side dash panel. Everything works. Fresh Sylvania Silver Star bulbs in the projectors. Factory recall for rear suspension link has been completed. Sync software is the latest version for this model. Weather Tech floor mats in all 3 rows, factory carpeted mats are like new on a shelf in my garage.

Original owner. All maintenance done with same mechanic, VP Synthetic oil every 4-5k miles. New motor and trans mounts at 100k miles, 124k on the clock now.

FULL DISCLOSURE - This vehicle along with Taurus, Edge, and Escape models from similar years have an issue where the electronics start to glitch when your battery gets weaker. By weaker I mean it doesn't give 12.7 or higher volts while the engine is off. When your battery drops to 12.5 volts weird things will start to happen like your blind spot sensors will go all wackadoo, or your reverse camera will shut off in the middle of backing up. Keep a fresh battery in it. 2 years or LESS and you won't have these problems.

This has been a reliable car for my family and we used it primarily for traveling between Georgia, Texas and California. Road trips are great, and the third row seats are actually big enough for actual human sized people. There's accessory power back there as well, along with climate controls for 2nd and 3rd row. My passengers' primary complaint has been that there are no speakers in the third row.

Front tires have good tread. Back tires are newer. All tires are and have always been Falken all-season that work much better better than what the factory put on there.

$10,000 firm. Will deliver to Southeastern states with a deposit. Let's take a tour, shall we? (and yes, I will remove all the vinyl decals before the sale. They are only on the glass, not anywhere on a painted surface)
Wheel Automotive side marker light Tire Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light

As you can see in these first two images, my D pillars are not cracked like some others that are for sale out there.

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light

The front passenger side wheel is scraped, there will be a close up of that later. I paid for the "coverage" for that from Ford, and they never came through on it. Part of the reason why I didn't buy another Ford.
Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Tire Car

Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive carrying rack Tire

Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car

Automotive parking light Tire Plant Vehicle Grille

Now let's take a look inside
Car Vehicle Window Automotive design Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Window Automotive design

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire

It's been raining here, so the WeatherTechs have some dirt on them. I'll wash them before the sale. This forum only allows 10 attachments for each message, so more pics in the next post.

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More pictures of the interior, illustrating head and leg room in the 3rd row. I'm 6'0" @ 200 lbs with size 12 feet.
Footwear Joint Shoe Arm Leg

Car Vehicle Automotive design Window Mode of transport

Chin Cap Beard Neck Sleeve

3rd row has cup holders on both sides, 12v power outlet, storage compartment in body panel
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Car Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle White

Entry to the third row is gained by pressing this button.
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover

2nd row has the climate controls for the whole back end of the vehicle. Also 12v and 110v outlets, 2 more cup holders and a storage cubby in the slide-out.

Car Vehicle Personal luxury car Motor vehicle Automotive design

We have transported our dogs on cross country trips, but always kept everything covered with the appropriate type of liners. There is no evidence of their presence besides a few stray hairs, and the fact that I'm telling you about them now. An allergic person would potentially have a problem because the car has only been steam cleaned once, about 5 years ago.
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Window Automotive tire

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire

All interior controls are in excellent shape - no peeling chrome on the door handles, all the buttons with white markings have not been rubbed off or obscured, and everything works.

Again, this is $10,000 firm.

Forgot to mention above that the front brakes and rotors have about 5k on them, and the rears have about 10k on them. I always replaced the rotors every time I replaced pads out of an abundance of caution and the desire for maximum safety. All fluids have been VP, Motul or Redline. Differential fluid was changed at 60k and 100k. Transmission fluid and new filter at 60k and 100k.
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