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    Hi all, New to the forums... I picked up a new Limited at the very end of 2020. During the first 3 months of ownership, I noticed how the Driver side wiper didn't fully clean the window when it rained. I checked out the forms and manual to see that the wiper blade sizes are 26 driver, and 20...
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    Hello Friends..!! Did anyone facing this issue??? Its been just 25 days and just 1400km. They said, its a leakage between Engine and Transmission . How it happened for new vehicle?? Any solution?? Experts, Kindly advise.
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    I purchased a 2020 Hyundai Palisade SEL without the convenience package. I purchased OEM LED tail lights and tried to install them. Everything worked great, except for the blinker(turn signal). It flashed faster then normal, like a bulb was burned out. I'm assuming it due to the fact the LED...