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  1. Hyundai Palisade General Discussion Forum
    I have been frustrated for a while that there is only on data port. I have a USB stick with music and I plug in my phone for android auto and it was annoying to constantly switch between them. I had read that splitters don't work but I ordered the one below and tried it tonight and it works...
  2. Electronics
    I have had a 2022 Palisade for about a month now. All along I’ve noticed that the USB port in the console that feeds apple carplay wasn’t charging my phone as quickly as the port in my 2018 Explorer did. A few days ago I upgraded my phone from an iPhone XR to a 13 Pro, and now the phone will...
  3. Electronics
    Is there any way I can plug my DVD player into the USB Data Port and have it play through my 2022 Limited Palisade stereo system? I have tried using a 'Plugable USB Audio Adapter with 3.5mm speaker-headphone and microphone jack' connected to a 3.5mm cable that plugged into the dvd player, but...
1-3 of 3 Results