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  1. Want to Buy OEM Cross Bars

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy OEM cross bars in the Tacoma/Seattle area preferably for pickup but would also be willing to have them shipped from somewhere else if the price is right.
  2. Hyundai Palisade Complaints, Issues And Problems
    Hi, I have an OEM cross bars on 2022 Palisade Caligraphy. When driving at speeds over 60MPH I hear a constant whistling/wind noise on my roof due to the cross rails. Does anyone else have the same issue and where you able to resolve it? Thanks, AHD
  3. For Sale
    Almost new very rarely used Thule motion XT cargo roof carrier (Glossy Black) with OEM cross bars for Sale $1200. No negotiation and pickup only. Pickup area zip 08807
1-3 of 3 Results