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  1. Hyundai Palisade General Discussion Forum
    Am looking for some assistance as to the removal of the 2nd row seats(bench) of my 2021 palisade. Has anybody done this and if so how? Your help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hyundai Palisade General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, been pretty busy, finally had a clear day to take some photos. I posted this on the FB page too, but some of you may find it interesting. This is a Beckett's Black with the light beige interior. Exterior: Paint Correction (the Palisade had surprisingly bad swirls right off the lot)...
  3. Hyundai Palisade Owners Registry And Check In Area
    My model is 2021 Hyundai Palisade. First two days the rear speakers were working fine but these days I cannot hear a single sound from rear speakers which is second row. Front speakers are working perfectly fine but the rear speakers are not making any noise. Quiet mode is off and I now don’t...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Our Christmas present... Picture-story warning! Traded our 2018 Santa Fe Sport Ultimate in for this 2021 Limited. We considered Calligraphy, but really love the Sierra Burgundy color - and as you all probably know, only 3 colors are offered on Calligraphy in US... But there really isn't any...
  5. Hyundai Palisade General Discussion Forum
    Just curious what everyone paid for 2021? Calligraphy specifically, but curious about the others as well. It's been several years since we've bought a brand new car, and it wasn't a hot item, hard to find car like these are. So there was more wiggle room there. From the research I've done, many...
  6. Hyundai Palisade General Discussion Forum
    Hello, Has anyone actually gotten a 7-pin wiring harness attached and a brake controller installed in a 2021 Palisade? I see posts that the 2021 comes pre-wired for 7-pin from the factory, but the dealers and RV shop are saying they can't get me set up to tow a trailer with brakes. Any...
1-6 of 6 Results